Lil’ Peglets


Darth Bacon vs.
Luke Eggwalker!

My money is on Mr. Eggs!

Lily is going to make a great Peg's boss!

Happy Bday Peg's!

May the "Peg's" be with you!


I love Peg's!



At Peg's, we love our "Lil' Peglets"!  In fact, some of our "Lil' Peglets" are not so little anymore!  That's because they have been coming to our establishments since 1999.  Over the years it warms our heart to be a part of these great communities and see so many of the little kids grow up and now bring in their own little ones.

The great thing about Peg's is we our family owned and operated, so we love it when you bring in your whole family too!  We strive to be a fun place for the whole family, so please be sure to note the following when you come in:


Kid's Menu:

Be sure to ask your server for a copy of the kid's menu for our "Lil' Peglets" that are aged 10 and younger.  We are always sure to include some crayons so the little ones can make their "works of art".  We also love it when they give them to our staff to hang up so we can share the fun with everyone.  (See the top of this page for our "Lil' Peglets" photo gallery.)


Treasure Chest: 

Be sure to let your child have a turn at picking a free toy from our treasure chest!


What About Our Little "Furry" Family Members?

When we say, we want fun for the "whole family", we mean it.  So, don't leave your little pets behind.  All of our locations have outside patio dining available so bring along your pets.  All we ask is that they are well behaved and on a leash, so all our guests can comfortably enjoy the great patio dining we have to offer.

Peg's Quick Tip:

Just ask one of our servers for a water dish and we'd be glad to give our furry little friends something to drink!


  1. Please bring Peg’s to the Philly area!!!

  2. we want to try your new peg’s here in roseville, ca

    • Thanks, Patty! We hope to see you there soon!

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