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Q: Hours of operation?

A: Open 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 7 days a week.

Exception: All Peg’s locations are closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Q: Does Peg's offer vegetarian dishes?

A: Yes we do. We offer many items that are vegetarian, with a limited amount of items strictly vegan. Peg’s can make any meal vegetarian, just be sure to ask your server when ordering.

*The oil we use for cooking is vegan approved!

Q: Does Peg's do take out orders?

A: Yes we do. Please CALL the nearest location and place an order.

Q: Is Peg's family friendly?

A: Yes! We have seen children growing up over the years. Some are even bringing their own children in. The best part, we offer each child (10 and under) to choose a toy from our treasure chest, before or after their meal, but that is up to you when they can get their toy. There is also a children’s menu (10 and under), with breakfast and lunch items.

Q: Where do I park at the downtown Peg's?

A: Peg’s has a parking garage located inside of the Bank of American building. Just go up the ramp & bring your validation ticket in to be stamped.

*Validated parking limited to one hour. There is also street parking available. Meters are in effect Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm, excluding federal holidays.

Q: Is Peg's dog friendly?

A:┬áMost locations have outside seating available. Peg’s asks that your dog be well behaved, people friendly & on a leash at all times.







  1. Our waiter Cody was a pleasure to be waited on by.
    We will request him as our waiter always.
    He was courteous and polite, used his manners and treated us like we mattered and not in a hurry to get us out of there.
    Our food was cooked right the first time and was hot when we got it too.
    Portion sizes are fair for the prices asked.
    We were greeted and seated in a prompt friendly manner, we will back again . A lot

    • Thank you, Vikki! I already shared your message with Cody and he was soooo happy to hear it! Thank you for taking the time to share your great experience with us!

      The Peg’s Team

  2. Does lemon valley still take in job application/interviews?

    • Thank you, Rachelle, for your question. We are always accepting applications and will put them on file. If we have any interviews, we post them on http://reno.craigslist.org. In fact, we have already posted one for this Friday for Lemmon Valley location:

      FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3rd, 2017:
      TIME: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

      The Peg’s Team

  3. I just read that you are opening a location in Lemmon Valley. When and where?

    • Thanks, Chris! We are opening a new location near the freeway on Lemmon Drive. We hope to open by the end of the year or beginning of next year.

      When we open, we hope to see you there!

      The Peg’s Team

      • You will be swamped. Hurry up!

        • Thanks so much, Paula! This is a quick note to let you know that we open tomorrow!

          Hope to see you there soon!

          The Peg’s Team

      • Hi Chris,

        You were one of the first people to ask last year when we are opening. Just wanted to give you a quick note to let you know that we open our doors tomorrow! Sorry it has taken us so long to get this open but we sure are glad to be able to finally announce it!

        Hope to see you there!

        The Peg’s Team

  4. Please consider a location in the north valleys. We drive into reno or sparks almost every weekend just to eat at pegs and know a lot of people out here that do the same. You would definitely be busy. Thanks again for the great food and service all of your restaurants offer.

    • Thanks, Keith! Thanks for sharing and we will keep our eyes open for a new location. Hopefully, we can be near you in the future. All we need now is for the grand kids to grow up quicker so we can expand faster!

      The Peg’s Team

  5. Do you have gluten free breakfast choices? For example, gluten free muffins for any of the benedicts?

    • Hi MJ,

      We do not have any gluten free breads in our locations, unfortunately, at this time. Still, we would be glad to offer you many other items on our menu that do not contain gluten. Feel free to ask our servers or managers for suggestions on your next visit.

      The Peg’s Team

  6. As I am from Portland. I enjoyed your story about the restaurants beginnings. Are there any Pop’s and Peg’s left in Oregon?

    • Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, there are no more Pop’s and Peg’s restaurants in Oregon. But, the good news is that Oregon is our roots. Who knows? Maybe one day a family member might like to move back and open a Peg’s there. I think a Peg’s location would do very well in Oregon. For now, we only have locations in Nevada and California.

      The Peg’s Team

  7. Do you post a nutrition guide? I can’t seem to
    find it on your site. I need to be careful of my salt
    (Sodium (Na))and Potassium (K) intake.

    • Thank you for your message, Ray. Unfortunately, we do not have detailed nutritional breakdowns for each of our menu items at this time. However, each location would be more than happy to let you know the basics of each entree so you could estimate the nutritional information using another application, such as my personal favorite “myfitnesspal.com”. Hope that would help.

      The Peg’s Team

      • Well, not really. At the restuarant in Carson City, NV, I asked our server just about the sodium in the bread used for white toast and was told that the bread came in i plain wrapper and there was no nutritional information availabe for the bread. And I to use my fittness pal, but to use this, i need to know the exact receipe for the items.

        • Hi Jackie,

          Apologies for the inconvenience. Our server is correct. We have a local provider named Franco French. They provide our bread, and unfortunately, do not have the standard label with nutrition information on the package.

          Apologies we do not have that information.

          The Peg’s Team

  8. I live very close to the new loction you are going to open in Roseville CA. But I would like to know if you offer egg whites or egg beaters as a replacement on your egg dishes.
    Thank you
    Andrea Gentry

    • Thanks, Andrea, for your question. We most certainly do. In fact, be sure to ask your server for any “healthy” items on the menu or for healthy specials. We have a ton of great tasting and healthy dishes we have created over the years. Look forward to seeing you in Roseville!

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