Download a copy of Peg's Glorified Breakfast & Lunch Menu in PDF file format
(please note that pricing may vary by location and that prices are subject to change without notice).

All NORTHERN NEVADA locations:
(Reno, Sparks, Carson City)  click here.

Download a copy of our "Lil' Peglets" Kids Menu: click here.


Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada location:  click here


Roseville, California location: click here



  1. I would love a Senior option. Food was delicious but could eat less than half.

    My husband (passed away) helped design and build Peg’s #1, and loved it. I treated myself to breakfast there today, but the full price was too pricey for my senior budget. But did enjoy eating there. Thanks for your kindness to move into Lemmon Valley and help uplift the place.

  2. Giggidy-liciously good! I am always very satisfied.

  3. Could you email me a copy of your Roseville restaurant’s menu?

    • Apologies, the “local” Roseville restaurant has some items and pricing that differ from our other restaurants in Nevada. For an up to date version of the “local” menu, please call the Roseville restaurant and I am sure they can help supply one.

      Apologies for the inconvenience.

      The Peg’s Team

  4. It’s been 8 years since our last visit to Reno and we STILL talk about the breakfast we ate at Peg’s. Absolutely fantastic!

  5. I’ve been around a long time and lived in five different states. My humble opinion is that you cannot find a better restaurant for breakfast. I’ve never had anything that wasn’t top of the line, and the portions are such that no one leaves hungry. They could franchise all over the U.S. and take over the breakfast crowd in every state!

    • Thank you so much, Dalton, for the very kind comments! It is comments like these that make us love what we do!

      Thank you for sharing!

      The Peg’s Team

  6. I agree that gluten free pancakes,waffles, french toast are now offered in many restaurants. You would get alot more customers coming since many children need gluten free.

    • Thank you very much Paula for your suggestions. We will definitely review these ideas as a family!

      The Peg’s Team

  7. When are you opening on lemmon drive. Looking forward to it.

    • Thanks, Marilyn!

      So glad that you have been looking forward to it. We can finally announce that we open our doors tomorrow!

      Hope to see you there soon!

      The Peg’s Team

  8. By luck we found this place in Reno last year . Fabulous food and outstanding service! Luckily we found a location in Rosiville CA, we live in Castro valley CA and it takes us about two hours to get there just to have breakfast and it’s so worth it !
    Maybe a location in the SF or Eastbay area would be awesome, thanks for the great food!

    Elba Garcia

  9. Visited the Carson City restaurant! Very nice and warm and friendly personal. Made you feel like mom’s house in the morning. Food was delicious and nice size portions. Had the “blue plate special”two meals

  10. Hubby and I were in Reno to volunteer at the Barracuda Championship golf tournament. A Reno native who we volunteered with highly recommended we go to Peg’s for breakfast. We did, a couple of times, and we enjoyed every morsel. Peg’s, by far, serves the BEST breakfast! Peg’s staff is awesome; they are professional, very accommodating, and friendly to boot! We look forward to eating at Peg’s the next time we are in Reno.

    • Thanks for sharing, Renee!

      The Peg’s Team

  11. I used to come in and get the huevos rancheros with everything cooked in butter instead of the spray since I am intolerant to soybean products, but unfortunately I cannot have dairy products now either. It’s there another option you have available like olive oil? Thank you!

    • Hi Ally,

      We have olive oil at our locations. Just let your server know that you have some allergies and need to cook in olive oil.

      The Peg’s Team

  12. Excellent food, Great portions. Please don’t change a thing. My family loves your restaurant and so has anyone we have brought there. You guys are doing great!

    • Thanks so much, Ryan! We really appreciate that.

      The Peg’s Team

  13. What type of cooking oil do you use?

    • Hi Angel,

      Apologies for not writing back sooner. Many of our locations use a brand called “Pan & Grill” oil which is butter-based. Please don’t hesitate to check with your server at any location you visit.

      The Peg’s Team

  14. Hi I was just curious to know if it’s possible for someone who has had bariatric surgery to order an item
    Under the kids menu. I have a card from my dr explaining that i can only eat small amounts and wondered if your restaurant would honor that? Thanks!

    • Hi Jackie,

      Apologies for not replying sooner. Absolutely, if you have a card present it to your server or supervisor on staff. We can arrange something for you. We also have some options we can present you with, such as a single pancake, single piece french toast, and so on.

      The Peg’s Team

  15. Hi there! I was wondering if you guys happen to deliver? My dad works in Sparks and always likes to try new places. Thanks in advance :)

    • Hi Mellissa,

      Thanks for your question. We, unfortunately, do not deliver but we definitely do to-go orders. Just call ahead and we’ll have any order sitting there waiting for pickup. Hope your dad gives us a try soon!

      The Peg’s Team

  16. Aloha,
    My husband and I have to be in reno ont Dec. 17-18th for Dr. Appt. being that we are from hawaii. We look forward to trying yours restaurant. Especially your hawaiian menu items.

    • Aloha!

      Thanks, Crystal! We look forward to seeing you here!

      The Peg’s Team

  17. I live in San Jose, CA. Is there any chance you’ll be expanding and opening up a location in the SF/Bay area? Thanks!

    • Hi Tracie,

      Apologies to take so long to reply. We are always looking for the next great market to share our “glorified” food and service. No definite plans yet but hopefully we’ll be close to your area one day!

      The Peg’s Team

      • Please consider Philadelphia area!!!

        • Thanks, Erin for your support! Perhaps one day!

          The Peg’s Team

  18. I have ran by your restaurant a few times and never have gone in and I’m trying to,find out if you serve chicken and waffles because I would like to suggest the plate.

    • Hi Geze,

      Hope you stop by and give our restaurant a try. We have some great dishes on our menu that are sure to please. We don’t have the chicken and waffle combo but our waffles are still definitely delicious!

      Hope to see you soon!

      The Peg’s Team

  19. Could you please email me a menu with pricing. Will be arriving in Reno August 17.

    Thank you,

  20. Visited over the weekend and thouroughly enjoyed my meal. Any chance I could get the recipe for your cabbage slaw?

    • Thank you, Julie! So glad you enjoyed your meal and so happy to hear you love our cabbage slaw. Wish we could give you the details but Mom and Pops do not allow us to share the family secret recipes because they have been passed on from generation to generation. Hope you understand.

      The Peg’s Team

  21. Hi Peg. Just moved here from Southern IL and am looking forward to checking out your biscuits and gravy. Just wondered… Have you ever thought about adding eggs & pork brains to your menu? I know it doesn’t sound particularly appetizing but it is gooooood.

    • Hi Bil,

      I agree. I personally lived overseas and have tasted many wonderful different foods from all over. Just need to keep an open mind and there are many great foods to try.

      Probably won’t be something we do in the short term because many guests like a more mainstream breakfast, but I’m with you. Maybe one day, let’s hope!

      The Peg’s Team

  22. I heard you now have a vegan skillet. Is it available at all restaurant locations?

    • Hi Amy,

      Absolutely! We have that menu item at all our locations. Be sure to ask your server for other healthy options at Peg’s when you visit. We have lots of great and healthy ingredients.

      The Peg’s Team

  23. I was hoping you would have some gluten free options on your menu. Gluten free diets are becoming more common. Gluten free pancakes, waffles etc. would be appreciated. Thanks! I do love your restaurant and my husband could eat there every day. lol

    • Hi Terri,

      Thank you for your email and your suggestion to offer special gluten free options. I will be sure to share this with the team. In the meantime, all the Peg’s locations will be able to offer you several suggestions on gluten free items on our menu you can eat at Peg’s. If you have certain dietary requirements, please do not hesitate to ask about our ingredients at our restaurants.

      The Peg’s Team

  24. We will be in Reno in October for about 5 days. I would be really interested in receiving a menu with the prices posted as we would enjoy eating at Peg’s while we are there. Sounds like s place we will enjoy.
    Thank you, Patsy Alexander in Texas

    • Hi Patsy,

      I am sending a copy of the menu with pricing to your email right now. Look forward to seeing you there!

      The Peg’s Team

  25. Do you guys allow substitutions. As an example, I would like to try one of your breakfast Mexican specialties, but I do not eat beans. Would I be able to substitute a cup of fruit?

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you for your question. We do offer some substitutions at Peg’s depending on the item ordered and what is requested to substitute. Probably the simplest example is our entrees that come with hash browns. The hash browns can be substituted for a fruit cup, cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, etc. Another example is our “Monterey skillet” items. These all come with pico, beans, cabbage slaw and hash browns. The pico, beans, and slaw can be substituted for each other. However, they cannot be substituted for fruit. To do that, you would need to substitute the hash browns for fruit instead.

      Please don’t hesitate to call ahead to clarify or ask your server if you are in the restaurant for your options. We would be more than happy to explain the options depending on what you order.

      Again, thanks for your comment. We look forward to seeing you at Peg’s.

      All our best,
      The Peg’s Team

  26. I’m coming in tomorrow with my daddy and brother. I was hoping to see the new vogue chicken and waffle combo on your menu, what the heck?!?!

    • Thanks for planning to come in, Emma. We look forward to seeing you. We have run a Waffle & Wings as a special in the past. Hopefully, we can run it for you again in the future.

      The Peg’s Team

      • Thanks so much I was just kidding.Cant wait to come in. My daddy has come in so many times and he loves it.

        • Thanks, Emma!

  27. You’re menu looks promising. Only one thing missing. PRICES!

    • Thanks, Jerry. We left the prices off in order to help avoid confusion between locations. We just opened a new location in California. There may be a couple of variations on certain items.

      We would certainly be happy to email you a menu with the current pricing included. Just reply to this email and let us know which Peg’s location you are closest to and we will send the appropriate menu and prices.

      The Peg’s Team

  28. Coming from having lived in Hawaii for 5 years I love seeing the Hawaiian items! However, I have found that my body has an aversion to eggs and dairy – any chance y’all will have any tofu scambles or other vegan friendly items?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Unfortunately, we do not have tofu on the menu, but we definitely have vegan options. For example, on your next visit, be sure to ask about the “vegan skillet”. Each of our servers can share many healthy options with you, and of course, we have many healthy ingredients and can put something together for you if you like. Glad to hear you like the Hawaiian items on the menu. They are some of our best sellers!

      Mahalo! (Hope I am saying “thank you” properly in Hawaiian).

      • Most awesome to know you guys can accomodate! It’s about time we have a breakfast spot like this in Roseville.
        Mahalo nui loa, [thank you very much :)]

        • Please email menus with prices for the Roseville, CA location.

          • Hi James,

            We’ll be sending you a menu with prices for the Roseville location to your email right away.

            Look forward to seeing you there!

            The Peg’s Team

          • see you soon.

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