Roseville… NOW OPEN!!

slider-Roseville-nowopenWe’re OPEN!!  That’s right!  We are proud to announce that we officially open our doors to the Roseville community in California on Tuesday July 30, 2013.  As a family, we are super excited to be opening our first store in California.  Please help us spread the word and tell all your friends.  We look forward to seeing you all there!


  1. My nephews took me to Peg’s last week, and it was wonderful!!!
    GREAT menu and the food (we all had something different) was really good. I’m bringing a friend on Sunday. :)

    • Thank you Kay! So glad you enjoyed your visit and really appreciate you bringing a friend for next time!

      The Peg’s Team

  2. I lived in Reno for the last 11 years and ate at the Downtown location a lot! Long story short, I recently moved to Sacramento and was ecstatic to find out y’all opened a location near me!!! I will be in very soon!!

    • Thanks, Scott!

      The Peg’s Team

  3. Went to Peg’s for lunch and ordered a Reuben Sandwich. Who ever heard of a Reuben without sauerkraut? I don’t know what they used instead of sauerkraut, but it looked like shredded wilted lettuce and grated carrots. Need to learn to make a real Reuben!!!

    • Thank you for your mail. We put a little variation on this menu item by using our homemade cabbage slaw as an ingredient. We apologize that it is not a “traditional” Reuben with sauerkraut, but it is something that Mom and Pop enjoyed putting on the menu with our “glorified” spin. We’ll be sure to mention this to Mom and Pops that you prefer the traditional way.

      Again, thanks for sharing.

      The Peg’s Team

  4. Congratulations on your opening.

    I moved from Reno to Rosevile last year and happy to be near a Peg’s again!

    Be in soon for breakfast…

    • Thanks, Roy! So glad we got you covered with a new location in your backyard! LOL! Look forward to seeing you there!

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